I am a native of Hendersonville, NC and have deep roots in our community. Sometimes I feel that is one of the best gifts I offer my clients: Stability of treatment and not having to tell your story to new people over and over.


I began my career in 1991 working in the foster care system and parenting education programs with my bachelors of social work degree. In my 40’s, I decided I wanted to be able to help my clients further, so I embarked on getting my Master’s degree in Social Work. That led to me working in a domestic violence shelter for a few years while I achieved my clinical social work license. It was at the shelter that I realized that substance use is often paired with trauma and mental health issues.


My path then took me to work toward my substance abuse counseling license, and for the next 6 years, I worked at a clinic for dual disorders of mental health and addiction.


I started my own therapy practice, Resilient Journeys, in April 2012. My practice uses Dialectical Behavior Therapy for skill building to regulate emotions, lessen distress, increase mindfulness, and build interpersonal effectiveness skills.


I am also a 500 hours registered yoga teacher since completion of 200 RYT hours in June 2016 and 300 RYT hours in September 2019! I have been trained in Subtle Yoga techniques that are trauma informed that utilize yoga (chair and mat) for learning how to calm your nervous system to have a better connection between your body and mind, relieve chronic pain, and support emotional and physical healing.


So, you may see a pattern here. I am always trying to find better and more effective ways to support resiliency and change for people to have happier lives.



My specialty areas include therapy for:

• Depression

• Anxiety

• Borderline personality disorder

• Bipolar

• Trauma

• Domestic violence

• Substance Use and Addictions

• Developing better communication skills

• Managing anger

• Managing Chronic Pain

• LGBTQ issues


Maria S. White



Therapy for mental health wellness and sobriety



220 3rd Ave. W. Suite A, Hendersonville, NC 28739