Free Consultation

The first time that we meet is no charge and is usually between 20 and 40 minutes. (Medicaid clients, please note that Medicaid transportation will not cover this appointment since it is not billed.) Once we meet, this is a time to see if we are a good fit and to ask any questions before starting to work together.


Assessment for Treatment Needs

This appointment (usually 1 hr. & 15 min.) is when we begin our work to explore your need for treatment and if I will be able to help you with those needs. I discuss your diagnosis with you in order to start our team work and also to establish the foundation for your insurance coverage. There will be some life history discussed on a general basis so that I know your background.


Individual Therapy

Many clients ask, “How often do people attend therapy?” It depends on your needs, but many clients attend weekly, twice monthly, or once a month (which is the least that I work with someone.) I can only offer twice weekly appointments to help resolve a crisis. The level of my services is on a Basic level. If your needs surpass this, I will be happy to help get you connected to a higher level of treatment.


Group Therapy

I offer a six-week session for skills building group therapy several times per year for four clients. Group work is often a safe way to share and support one another as you learn new skills (DBT and chair or mat yoga) for your mind and body to feel calmer, connected, stronger, in less pain, and healthier. The groups are skill based, so we use most of our time learning and practicing new ways to cope better versus problem solving for individual issues. I will generally work with you for several individual sessions before group therapy is started.


Couple’s Therapy

When I work with a couple, I facilitate an environment for the couple to work on skills that will help them form healthier interaction with each other whether they are staying together or parting.

Maria S. White



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